Standards for Floats


Festival ParadeGeneral Conditions for Vehicles:

  • Maximum length 19m, max height 4.5m, max width 3.5m
  • All floats must be roadworthy and registered with RMS NSW.
  • Vehicle Registration is to be submitted by the 2nd week of Ball rehearsal, Photocopies are acceptable.
  • The vehicle for a float may be a trailer, truck or utility (ute), but not a car.
  • Vehicles travelling to and from the parade must have:
    clear vision through front windscreen & mirrors;
    Blinkers, number plates & brake lights visible to all road traffic.

Your Float in the Parade:

  • The float must be decorated according to the theme you have nominated & will include advertising of your sponsor but will not just advertise your sponsor.
  • Register your float theme with the committee early to avoid disappointment.
  • Each float will have Two (2) Marshals. Marshals must be over 18yrs of age and will walk beside float. Name & contact No of the Marshals must be submitted by email.
  • Each Princess must provide a written commentary, even if you are sharing. Commentary & Marshal details must be emailed to dee.fors@gmail.comFish out of water
  • If the commentary is not satisfactory you will be asked to revise or add more details.
  • No persons are to be seated on the edge of the vehicle/tray.
  • No children under 12 years of age shall be permitted on the float.
  • No member of your float group is to walk ahead of the float.
  • No items are to be thrown into the crowd from the float.

Criteria for Judging; The judges will present awards for:

  • Best Decorated Float
  • 2nd Best Decorated Float and
  • Two highly commended floats.
  • To qualify for best decorated float: all of the vehicle must be covered, including the cabin. The judge’s decision is final.

Assembling for The Parade:

  • All floats will be issued with a number (not your dance order) and will park in the matching numbered space at the assembly area.
  • Priscilla floatThe first three floats will be the Princess of the Fleet followed by the runner-up & then the 2nd runners-up, all other floats will follow in number order.
  • The Assembly area is Crescent Street Ulladulla. Floats are to be assembled by 9.30am. Enter Crescent Street from the northern end of Burrill St North only. It is dangerous and difficult if you enter from the southern end
  • Judging will commence with a walk/drive through the Assembly area, by the judges & will be completed later during the parade.
  • The Parade of Floats will commence at approximately 11.00am.
  • The Parade will depart from Crescent Street and terminate on the Ulladulla Wharf at approx 12.noon.

After the Parade

  • At the conclusion of the Parade all Princesses and Partners are to assemble at the Lower Stage adjacent to the harbour foreshore for announcement of winning floats and the Blessing of the Fleet ceremony.
  • Before float vehicles are driven away following the conclusion of the parade, they must be made safe by removing decorations from the windscreen, blinkers, number plates & brake lights. Failure to do this may result in an infringement notice being issued by police.
  • Always put Safety First.

Parade Easter Sunday

Hints and Tips

  • Consider: repurpose, recycle & reuse for your float material.
  • Hand in the information requested completed and on time.
  • Committee members are available for guidance on Blessing of the Fleet matters.
  • Blessing of the Fleet can be hard work but the outcomes are rewarding.
  • Have fun!

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